What the f*** is wrong with people? When did teachers having sex with students become a headline we are reading every other month? An Oklahoma Spanish teacher is facing three counts of rape and two counts of oral sodomy after having sex with a 17 year old student. This lunatic is a married woman and the mother of two children.

Lisa Kays, 46 allegedly had sex with the unidentified male student inside of the school after hours and in her car according to the Daily Mail. Kays was taken into custody but is now out on bail. It is also reported that her husband filed for divorce last month. It is not reported if he had knowledge of the affair.

Although there seems to be more and more reports of teacher/student sex, I am still blown away. What kind of person does this? The media tends to shed a harsher light on the subject when a female student is involved with a male teacher. Male or female student this is always an effed up situation as far as I am concerned.

What makes this story even more bizarre, is student at Putnam City High School are standing behind teacher Lisa Kays. For more on this, watch the video below.