I can honestly say that I'm guilty of most of these. Are you?

I don't think it's because I don't know how to pronounce them properly, I really think it's more of it being just the way we talk. Being on the air now, I am programmed to think about the proper pronunciation of different words. For example...one big radio thing is the letter "W". Most people say "dubbayou". I said that my whole life until I went to radio school and was trained to pronounce it as it's supposed to be "double-you".  It's something most people will never care about either, but I cringe when I hear it said incorrectly now. I KNOW I'm guilty of "yoosta" and "cloze" but NEVER EVER "melk"! That just sounds disgusting to me. Are there any more words you can think of?

This video comes from the FOX 47 Facebook page.


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