April is one of the better months in sports, considering that we are looking at NHL and NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, and a tradition unlike any other, The Masters.  Check out my thoughts on what's going on around the sporting world.

MLB: Opening Week

The Detroit Tigers opened up the season roaring, sweeping the Boston Red Sox and looking like World Series contenders.  I gave you the Top 5 Reasons to be pumped about the 2012 Tigers, but let's look at some of the other top teams in baseball, that might be around at the end of the year.

Texas Rangers- Yu Darvish is going to be one hell of a pitcher in MLB and it goes with out saying that Josh Hamilton is a stud.  Dude rocked one 441 feet this past week, and the Rangers have a lot of playoff experience.  They'll be around at the end of the year.

New York Yankees-I know the Yanks started the season 0-3, but don't count the pinstripes out yet.  The last time the Yankees started the season 0-3 was 1998, and that season they ended up 114-48 with World Series title.  They are one of the teams that the Tigs will probably have to go through on their march to a title.

Arizona Diamondbacks- Honestly, the Diamondbacks might be the most complete team in baseball.  They aren't the most individually talented, but from top to bottom, they are a very strong team.  Good pitching, good D, good bats.  Don't sleep on Arizona.



Golf: Bubba Watson Wins The Masters

The Masters was this weekend, and it's the one time a year I really watch golf.  I couldn't be happier that Bubba Watson won either.  I feel like most weekend golfers can relate to Bubba as a golfer and a man.  Watson doesn't have the Tiger Woods prima-donna feel to him and I think that's what golf needs.  He had a phenomenal shot out of the woods, and what makes his game even more impressive is that he has never used a hitting coach.  He just goes out and plays golf.  You might have noticed him using a pink driver, which is to benifit his charity, Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million.  Everytime the pink driver puts a ball past 300 yards, Ping Golf donates $300 to Watson's charity.  Also, some dude got blasted in the nards by a golf by at The Masters, which in itself made it worth watching.


NFL: Lions Reefer Madness and Draft Needs

Long week for the Lions, as Nick Fairley joined Johnny Culbreath and Mikel Leshoure, in getting busted with weed.  And listen, I don't want to come off sounding anti-pot, but come on guys.  You get paid millions of dollars and the rules are very clear.  When you retire, smoke all the dope you want, but put the blunt down for a few years.

Other than the potheads, the biggest talk around the Lions is the upcoming draft.  Don't get me wrong, the Lions are a great team, but there are some serious holes to address in the draft, mostly the O-line and the defensive secondary.  I think Florida Gators DB, Janoris Jenkins would be a great fit and a realistic goal.  Jenkins, like the rest of the Lions, has some issues when it comes to off the field, but he's exactly the kind of defensive back the team needs.  The Lions got smoked in the secondary by Drew Brees in the playoffs last year, and they have to get better when it comes to defending the pass.  If Jenkins is still around at 22, the Lions should be all over him.  Another option at 22 would be Mike Adams, the offensive tackle from *hio State.


NBA: Players Are Whiners

I truly love the Association.  Pro Basketball has always been my favorite sport, but even I'm starting to get sick of the BS that is going on in the NBA.  Dwight Howard is appartenly working to get his head coach, Stan Van Gundy fired.  Stan Van Jeremy not only looks like a porn star, but he's one of the better coaches in hoops today.  Howard is obviously not the man to build around when it comes to winning a championship, and he constantly acts like a 9 year old.  Van Gundy told reporters this week that Howard was trying to muscle him out, and Howard immediately denied the allegations.  Dwight might be the best center in basketball, but he's made it so that his team will never be able to compete.

Lamar Odom is another whiny ass pro basketball player, as he cut ties with the Dallas Mavericks this week.  Odom was traded to the world champion Mavs from the Lakers, after LA unsuccessfully tried to trade Odom for Chris Paul.  Odom was hurt his old team would trade him and he demanded to get out of LA.  Odom spent his time in Dallas pouting, being unproductive, and looking like he could careless.  The Mavs have decided to inactivate him for the rest of the year and will cut or trade him in the off-season.  His 8.2 million dollar a year contract is just another reason why guaranteed contracts are ruining the NBA.


NHL: Playoffs Start This Week

The real season begins on Wednesday, and I'm still worried about the Wings.  Hopefully their experience, talent, and tenacity will get them out of the first round, but the Nashville Predators are a pretty decent team and might give the Wings some problems.  I'm also looking forward to watching the Penguins square up with cross state rivals the Flyers, and the 810's own, Tim Thomas and his Bruins going up against the Washington Capitals.  I think if Thomas can replicate his success from last year, Boston will be really tough to beat.