Thousand Foot Krutch will return with an independent release titled 'The End is Where We Begin' this April -- check out the single 'Let the Sparks Fly’ and get all the album details here.

Thousand Foot Krutch will release their sixth studio album, 'The End is Where We Begin', without the help of a label on April 17th. The band's new found independence may have affected the tone of the new album, as frontman Trevor McNevan explained the new songs are more aggresive in nature:

“Without trying, this record has a very militant theme to it, with songs like ‘War Of Change’ and ‘Courtesy Call’ painting more of a visual for that. There’s an urgency to it and I think the timing feels right. This record’s heart can be summed up by ‘Be The Change,’ the album’s lyric and phrase seen throughout the album artwork.”

You can listen to their brand new single 'Let the Sparks Fly' in our new music battle feature 'The Cockfight,' where TFK have been embarrassing the competition nightly.

'The End is Where We Begin' Tracklist

01. 'The Introduction'
02. 'We Are'
03. 'Light Up The Sky'
04. 'The End Is Where We Begin'
05. 'Let The Sparks Fly'
06. 'I Get Wicked'
07. 'Be Somebody'
08. 'This Is A Warning (Intro)'
09. 'Courtesy Call'
10. 'War Of Change'
11. 'Down'
12. 'All I Need Now'
13. 'Fly On The Wall'
14. 'So Far Gone'
15. 'Outroduction'