By no means am I some take your gun away liberal, but stories like this make me think that it's time for America to reevaluate how we think about guns.  Check out the story of a toddler who shot himself in the mouth with his father's glock.


Pontiac is a rough town, and I don't blame people for wanting to have guns if they live there.  But if you're going to own a gun, you have to be responsible.  Unfortunately for one three-year-old, his father was anything but responsible.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department says the boy found his way into his father's room this past weekend and got his hands on his father's registered .40 caliber glock, which was in a holster.  The child proceeded to shoot himself in the mouth and was rushed to Michigan's Children Hospital in Detroit.  The youngster is expected to make a full recovery and the father will probably be facing charges.

The 35-year-old father claims that his bedroom door is usually locked and that he forgot in this one situation.  Like I said, by no means am I anti-gun, but I do support more gun owner education and harsher penalties for irresponsible gun owners.  If you're going to have guns and children in your house, there is no room for error.  It's basically a miracle that the boy didn't wind up dead thanks to his father's negligence.

Source: ABC12