With the long baseball season at its halfway point during the mid-summer classic (The All-Star Game), I figured I would give another grade for the Detroit Tigers.

The team is very young and most of the everyday players not having a lot of major league experience the Tigers are yes underperforming in the standings with a record of 41 wins and 57 losses in the worst division in baseball. But now I am looking at it from a glass half full type of a fan. The future looks good for the Tigers.

The halfway point of the season usually starts the trade talk with teams that are not doing so well and helps the other teams that are pushing for a world series title. I mean the Tigers got rid of some high impact players last year Justin Verlander, J.D Martinez, and Justin Upton. For the last few seasons, it has seemed to be the norm for the Tigers to dump some of the high paid salary players and get young talent for the future. Pretty soon that is all that we are going to have. Now teams are looking to trade for the younger players that are doing good for us. Pitcher Michael Fulmer just to name one is on the block.

Still with a new coach and a general manager still trying to figure out what the hell he can do along with a payroll that is out of this world. The Tigers are still paying for salaries for players that have been gone for a few years now. I am still a fan and optimistic about the future. So halfway grade for the Tigers. I'll give them a D+. Yes, I'm still hopeful. Stranger things have happened. It's baseball.

Source: Yahoo.com

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