Tomorrow is one of my most favorite days of the year, it's the annual Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-In. Traditionally this is when with the help of an accomplice, we break into the home of one local family, and leave them a Christmas that they other wise would not have.

Things are obviously different this year, but the show will definitely go on (so to speak). Unfortunately we are not able to go inside the chosen family's home this year - but we are still bringing them one hell of a Christmas. This year is our biggest haul to date in terms of presents for a family. It was all made possible by a lot of great sponsors. Thank you to the following businesses for your support on this project,

Every year we do this, without fail there are people that step up and want to contribute out of their own pockets. Shout out to Doug Roth from the IBEW Local 948 for your monetary donation. Doug collected from his IBEW family, and many friends.

I want to tell you about one other really cool thing that happened this year. When Tony LaBrie and I were shopping for the family at Sam's Club - a couple came up to us and made a comment about someone having a nice Christmas, because we had so much stuff in our carts. We told them the gifts were for a family in need. What the couple did next was awesome. They handed us cash to use toward the gifts. How awesome is that? They did not give us their names, but we certainly thank them, and will not forget their kindness.

We will be live on the air with the Free Beer & Hot Wings show sharing this family's story tomorrow, December 23rd, at roughly 7:20 AM. I hope you will listen, it is a pretty powerful story.

Merry Christmas.

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