If there's one thing I'm missing more than anything right now, it's going to concerts. Not just any concert, I'm talking about concerts at The Machine Shop.

The last show I went to was back on February 28th when Y & T performed at The Machine Shop. I can't even remember the last time I went this long without going to a concert. Hell, I was probably still learning how to walk.

My lack of concerts really had me thinking about The Machine Shop this week and all the bands we've all seen together over the years. So I hit up Minty from Mintypics and asked him to send me all the iconic hallway photos that he's taken over the last decade. Wow, he had a lot, so I went through and picked out a bunch of my favorites. Were you at any of the shows below?

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The first-ever hallway photo was with The Exies in 2007, then Skindred and for whatever reason, he didn't take another one until 2010. Once 2010 hit, the hallway pics became a thing and every band wanted one. It was never even really a planned thing, it just kind of happened.

I know you can't wait to get back to The Machine Shop and I know Kevin, Minty and the entire crew can't wait for you to come back as well.

The hallway pics below are from some of my favorite bands, shows, and moments at The Machine Shop.


Famous Machine Shop Hallway Band Pics

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