Make yourself a ‘Lemmy’ and tip one back to these thirst quenching cuts. It’s our picks for the Top 11 Rock + Metal Drinking Songs.

Sure, you could drink to just about anything, but these songs were fermented for that very purpose. AC/DC’s “Have a Drink on Me” is one of the ultimate drinking tracks, gracing the track listing of the almighty Back in Black album. Any bartender has surely had their fill of the Australian inebriation anthem, but that doesn’t make “Have a Drink on Me” any less classic.

We’d be doing you a disservice if we forgot to include Dropkick Murphys on this list. Perhaps the ultimate drinking band, the Murphys have too many boozer tracks to list here, but the standout is arguably “Barroom Hero.” Remaining a setlist staple for the Murphys’ entire career, “Barroom Hero” and its gang vocals have that classic pub feel, so if you’re not fighting, you’re certainly gonna be singing.

Not all these drinking songs are meant to be happy. “Whisky in a Jar” gets pretty damn dark, telling a story of betrayal and murder. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution” addresses the most horrendous consequences of alcoholism. Though Ozzy has stated he had Bon Scott in mind while penning the lyrics, bassist Bob Daisley claims Ozzy was really writing about himself.

Check out the Top 11 Rock + Metal Drinking Songs in the Loud List above.

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