Are you brave enough to run into these insane mosh pits? Check out the video below for some wild action from metal concerts and festivals.

Few bands can bring a pit more brutal than Dagoba at a European festival. The band is especially infamous for creating some of the longest and most impactful walls of death you’ll ever see, and thanks to cinematic festival footage, you can see the full intensity of Dagoba’s fans.

Even if you’re at an outdoor show, setting off flares is a bad idea. Bruce Dickinson recently went off on a fan in Greece for that very offense, but it also happened at a Slayer show in 2013. Where on Earth did the Slayer incident happen? Greece! Seems like we have a pattern here.

Don’t count out a good hardcore show either. Some incredible pit footage comes straight from a Madball show in their home town of New York City. You can see all the Totally Dangerous Mosh Pits in the Loud List below.

Totally Dangerous Mosh Pits

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