In honor of Packzi Day, a super loyal Banana 101.5 listener sent us a video of himself attempting his own packzi challenge.

Uncle Keith is trying to eat as many packzi's as he can in 60 seconds. As you will see, it is not as easy as it sounds. These little gut bombs are a lot tougher to swallow than I think old Uncle Keith had planned.

Did you eat any packzi's today? I did not. I prefer to drink my calories, so I will most likely celebrate Fat Tuesday with a shot and a beer later tonight. I did hide a few packzi's around the radio station. I like when people find them in bizarre places months from now. Let me tell you these jelly filled balls become rocks after they sit for 60 days or more. Chris Monroe found one in his golf bag last June. He was not too happy.

If you attempt any kind of packzi challenge, send me a video.