Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Obviously, the new 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice' trailer goes first... and not just because I'm in this movie at some point. This time they actually gave us a look at some of the action and a pretty solid look at the structure of the film. Plus we have Wonder Woman in action and a presumably dead Robin, as was rumored. Keep your fingers crossed for a solo Bat-movie based on the 'A Death in the Family' and 'Under the Hood' story arcs, which saw Robin murdered by Joker, only to return as a bloodthirsty vigilante. Also, does Joker know that Bruce Wayne is Batman in this film. Pay close attention to the newspaper clipping Bruce is holding at the :56 second mark, that writing look remarkably similar to the quite obvious Joker grafitti on... well, you'll see.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell is back in the role that made him a hero with the Comic-Con crowd and horror fans everywhere. His chainsaw hand is back too. Hail to the king, baby.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

No new cinematic trailers here, but we do get a better look at the upcoming (and long overdue) passing of the torch in the Star Wars universe. Thank god somebody finally got the rights away from George Lucas. There's so much potential to tell great stories in the SWU, very little of which were realized in his Jar-Jar-Binks-Galactic-Senate-hearing-Midichlorian-heavy prequels.

The Walking Dead - Season 6

Initially forgot to include this one... mostly because I refuse to watch trailers for this show. I don't want anything getting spoiled on my favorite show, but if that's your kind of party -- have at it!

Fear the Walking Dead

I'm not watching this trailer either, but this spin-off should be interesting. I highly doubt it can top its predecessor though.

Suicide Squad

The trailer is not very easy to read in its current, bootlegged state, but you do  Finally, with the release of the HD trailer we get a good look at the Suicide Squad and Jared Leto's Clown Prince of Hot Topic in action, as well as a little preview of his "Joker voice." Honestly, it's not that bad. They may just pull this one off.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The idea that they were finally doing a movie with Apocalypse, one of my favorite Marvel villains, had me really excited initially... and then I saw this trailer. It's hard to say for sure because of the bootlegged trailer, but it appears that they missed the mark completely on the big bad. If I was bringing Apocalypse to the big screen, my top three requirements would be that he has to be huge (Like 7-8 feet maybe), his cybernetics and armor have to stand out and look badass, and his voice has to be deep and terrifying (think of the bad guy from that old Jean-Claude Van Damme movie 'Cyborg' and you're in the right neighborhood). This Apocalypse looks like a member of the Blue Man group at the Renaissance festival, is only slightly taller than Magneto, and sounds like a regular dude. Minus my early (and possibly incorrect) complaints about the character design, this movie could still be incredible. Time will tell, although Wolverine's alleged absence from the film is a step in the wrong direction... IMO.


Ryan Reynolds gets a mulligan with Deadpool after the abortion of the beloved character that appeared in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' Reynolds is perfect for the role, but that movie had managed to get everything about the character wrong by the time credits rolled. Thanks to the internet and some leaked test footage, this one got pulled out of development hell and fast-tracked to the big screen. Thankfully, fans also saved the movie from a PG-13 rating, which this trailer makes very clear. This really is a huge victory for fans of Wade Wilson everywhere. The movie looks perfect and features some really funny dialogue, especially that 'Nightmare on Elm Street' crack. The original video was removed, but we were able to dig up this lower quality one. Apologies.