Editors Note: This article has been updated to correct the author's previous assumption that the trailer was legitimate. 

Marvel showed a trailer for 'Captain America: Civil War' at the D23 expo and someone got footage of it... at least that's what I thought. After taking a closer look -- I realized I'd been bamboozled.

'Captain America: Civil War' is going to be awesome, even if I don't yet understand how they plan to make that storyline work. Why will it be a big deal if the superheroes have to register? There are almost no characters in Marvel's movies with unknown secret identities. Either way -- it's going to be awesome to see Cap take on Iron Man just weeks after seeing Batman battle Superman.

So of course I was excited to hear that a trailer was shown at the recent D23 expo. Using the same method by which I found leaked trailers from the most recent Comic Con, I stumbled upon a Cap 3 trailer. In my excitement to share it before anyone else got it out there, I overlooked that the version of said trailer on YouTube was two months old and that version had the crowd cheers removed from it, unlike the one below. Obviously, if they can remove the cheering but not the trailer audio -- it's fake. Fake or not, they did a pretty good job of making it look legit. They even found a way to sneak what appears to besome actual new footage in there (see video of Crossbones at 1:05). Well done, f---ers.