Limp Bizkit set a new creative low when choosing the artwork that would eventually become the cover of 'Gold Cobra'. Guitarist Wes Borland recently explained that the eyesore of an album cover was completely intentional.

You may or may not remember our report on 'Gold Cobra' being nominated as the worst album cover of 2011 by, but just to re-iterate -- we're not the only ones who thought it was laughable. In a recent interview, Wes Borland told Artist Direct that the ridiculousness of the album's cover was a conscious decision:

"We were thinking of Gold Cobra as a horror movie. That's where the album cover came from. As far as the art goes, I was thinking of Frank Frazetta-type of images with the giant snakes and monsters with scantily clad really sexy girls under a guy with a sword. It's that Conan-looking Frazetta art. That's where a lot of the inspiration for the art came. I put it through my retard filter and it came out like it did on the album. If I had to compare Gold Cobra to a movie, I guess it would be Jaws [Laughs]."

'Jaws' is actually a pretty good movie comparison, listening to the new Bizkit album is about as enjoyable as a shark attack.

Borland went on to say that a new Black Light Burns album is already completed, but he is waiting until he can focus his attention on the project fully before releasing it -- which will be when his time touring behind 'Gold Cobra' is complete.