I need your help friends. I made a deal with my nine-year-old daughter that if she had a great remote card we could get a small pet. Well, she did and now we need to pick one out. I've had a lot of pets in my life time but have a few restrictions.

Unfortunately, we can't get a dog or a cat. I'm bummed about the dog, not about the cat. So that leaves us with smaller animals. In my life I've had lizards, birds, snakes, guinea pigs, a ferret and more. As she doesn't like snakes and is terrified of spiders, those options are out.

Next up, we have the smaller fuzzy things in the cages. Growing up, the ferret we had was awesome but took a lot of work to keep him from being a smelly beast. The guinea pig I had was cool but was a complete ahole. So I'm not sure what I should try and convince her to get.

Ultimately, she has complete veto power as her dad is a total sucker. However, do you have a small pet that your kids like? What would you suggest? Keep in mind, I live in an apartment, so giant birds, penguins, and dinosaurs are out of the question.

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