As we all know, Bam Margera's F---face Unstoppable had a tour stop at The Machine Shop in Flint on Thursday (March 14th), but many are wondering what's up with this picture of, what appears to be, him being taken into custody by Michigan State Police in front of the venue that was posted on Bam's Facebook page -- find out here.

Apparently this photo is not what it appears. Yes, it is Bam Margera being cuffed by Michigan State Police in front of what is clearly The Machine Shop. However, we have confirmed that the photo was taken Thursday prior to his show that did, in fact, take place as planned. Had he actually been arrested that would likely not have been the case. We're told that when Bam saw that the state police were on hand, he took advantage of a rare photo op.

Update: News outlets are reporting this as a real arrest. Lol.

Bam Margera, Facebook