Wolfgang Van Halen said he’d caught himself behaving like his late father Eddie Van Halen while on stage.

He recently completed a road trip with Guns N’ Roses, on which his band Mammoth WVH played the role of openers – and it was during those shows that he became aware of similarities.

"It just happens," Van Halen told People in a recent interview. “I just go up there and be myself. There's been a handful of moments though, where I've done something, and then I realize like, 'Oh shit, Dad used to do that all the time on stage.'" He added that the copycat moves included certain facial expression and ways of playing specific guitar parts. “I was like, ‘Oh, fuck, he would do that all the time.' … I couldn't even control it. It just happens. It's pretty funny.”

Mammoth WVH’s future plans include a double-header U.S. tour with Dirty Honey, after the bands recently played a “test” show together and decided they were a good match. Van Halen said they aimed to prove “there’s a lot of life left” in rock ’n’ roll" and decried the sharing of what he called a “bitter sentiment” that the genre is “no longer what it used to be.”

His Dirty Honey counterpart Marc LaBelle supported that position. “[I]t expresses a range of emotions, which I don't necessarily think other genres do,” he said. “I think rock ’n’ roll encompasses anger, sex, love, loss and excitement.” He added: “Gene Simmons has been out here saying it’s dead for like 30 years. If it's so dead, man, then he should get his off tour and stay at home and let us do the work!”

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