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Wolfgang Van Halen 2021
Jim Cook, UCR

Wolfgang Van Halen's year just keeps getting bigger.

Shortly after coming off a massive U.S. tour opening for Guns N' Roses, the Mammoth WVH bandleader has secured his first Grammy nomination for his debut single "Distance."

The tribute to Van Halen's late father, Eddie Van Halen, is nominated for Best Rock Song, putting him in the company of certified rock legends such as Paul McCartney and Foo Fighters.

Despite all his accomplishments this year, the 30-year-old Van Halen is still processing the Grammy nod.

"It's a huge surprise and an incredible honor," he tells UCR. "I can't believe I'm in a category with Dave Grohl and a Beatle. That's insane. I wish my dad was here to see it. He'd probably just be going, 'See? I told you so.' Because he believed in me more than I believe in myself."

Van Halen reflected on the success of Mammoth WVH and "Distance" in a conversation with UCR on the anniversary of the single's release. "It really marks this huge change of a chapter in my life," he said. "Figuring out how to operate without Pop in my life anymore. Moving forward with Mammoth for the first time. This will always be a really, I think, emotional or just kind of reflective period of time for me. I think November is always just gonna be like this now."

Mammoth WVH will hit the road with Dirty Honey in January for the Young Guns co-headlining North American tour. Both bands will have a day off on Jan. 31, which may give Van Halen a chance to attend the Grammys, whose other rock nominees include AC/DC, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix and Chris Cornell.

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