Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale caused a scene when he demanded a bar band let him take the stage and play a song. Things got real ugly when the native Australian refused to leave the stage and was eventually arrested for acting like a three year old.

According to RockNewsDesk.com, Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale was enjoying some drinks at a bar near his home in Brisbane, Australia last week when he apparently decided to mix things up a bit.

The singer approached the local band that was performing there and demanded he be allowed to play a song. Stockdale launched into a boozy and much more vulgar version of The Beatles 'Let It Be' and then refused to leave the stage. He was finally removed from the stage and told he wouldn't be served any more drinks, to which he maturely responded to by sitting on the floor and refusing to move.

Police were called and eventually took custody of Stockdale, charging him with drunk and disorderly, failing to leave licensed premises, and resisting removal from licensed premises. He spent a night in jail and was slapped with $350 in fines. His representative said, "Mr. Stockdale simply had too much to drink.", good call.

Here is a video of Stockdale covering 'Let It Be' from the night in question