Easily the grossest thing I've heard all day.  An "artist" in Minnesota has been collecting used band-aids for 10 years to make wall hangings.  She's not just using her band-aids either. 

People are disgusting.  Check out Hoarders.  But the lady collecting used band-aids from other people takes it to a new level of sick.  Beth Barron, of St. Paul, Minnesota has been collecting the used medical waste for the past decade.  The reason for her collection?  Art. She has been making decorative wall hangings with the bandages.  Her stuff has hung at the University of St. Thomas and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.  Originally reported at UPI.com, Barron was quote,

"I actually stop random people if I see a Band-Aid I want, I say, 'Can I have that?' They usually gave me strange looks. My kids had a really hard time with it."

What's even grosser is the more blood and puss on the band-aid, the more she wants it.  Her work is said to represent sickness and healing.