When I first saw this story I thought a woman died while having sex WITH a lion. I was wrong. A woman was having sex with her boyfriend outdoors when the lion attacked. Makes sense I guess if you like in Africa, and the pair do - well, he does, her not so much.

The hot and bothered couple were doing it like animals in Zimbabwe when the king of the jungle attacked. In case you don't know, The Lion King is not a valid representation of lions. No one was singing Hakuna Matata when the beast appeared.

Well go figure, the male was able to escape. My guess is he had already finished, so he was ready to run. Unfortunately for the woman, Mai Desire, she was mauled to death. It is reported that the man was trying to flag down motorists for help, but was ignored since he was naked except for the condom on his penis. Yeah, I would have kept driving too. Hakuna Matata!

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