When your weather girl is a smoke show, the forecast is always scorching hot.

Yanet Garcia is well known for her... um, weather girl skills. Yeah, weather girl skills. She's perhaps the world's most famous weather girl, and definitely our favorite weather person of all time. Sorry, Brick Tamland, but your antics are no match for them curves.

It's almost like she's bad at her job, because she's too distractingly hot for people to pay attention to the forecast. Look at your phone if you want the weather. Look at Yanet if... well, you get where we're headed here.

Her viewers aren't the only ones that have trouble focusing when she's around though. Rumor has it that she just got dumped by her professional gamer boyfriend because he needs to "focus on his career" -- playing video games. What an idiot, right? He chose 'Call of Duty' over the world's sexiest weather girl.

Keep your head up, Yanet. You'll can find another guy who will give you all of his attention anywhere. Literally, go to any place on Earth and there will be several thousand willing volunteers at least.