We already looked back at some of the less Batman-esque moments of Ben Affleck's career, now let's examine why he might just be a great choice for the Dark Knight in 'Batman Vs. Superman.'

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    He's the Right Height

    Every actor that has portrayed Batman/Bruce Wayne thus far has lacked one important factor - size. Every other Dark Knight has fallen short, literally. Batman is listed as being 6'2" and Bale, Kilmer and Clooney all clock in at an even 6'0" (Keaton is allegedly 5'10"). It will be nice to see someone suit up who is actually a little taller than the character. A little weight training and Affleck will look the way Batman does in the comics - intimidating.

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    He's Not Ryan Gosling

    We all heard the rumors and, frankly, I think we were all concerned for a minute there.

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    He's an Oscar Winner

    Okay, it may not be for acting, but Affleck has undeniable acting chops and has proven that in films like 'The Town' and 'Argo.' It will be interesting to see if he can deliver that multi-layered performance of Bruce Wayne pretending to be a rich a-hole, which Bale handled so well.

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    He Knows What Not to Do

    Affleck has been in some horrible films, a few of which almost ended his career as a serious actor. He found his way back by choosing strong projects and completely rebuilt his reputation from the ground up. He isn't trying to go back to the C-list anytime soon and wouldn't sign on to a project that leads there. Plus, he knows more about s---y comic book movies than most after 'Daredevil.'

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    He Can Deliver a One-Liner

    Every once in a while, Batman's gotta tell a joke. As you can see in the clip below, Affleck can deliver the goods.

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    He's a Great Director and Screenwriter

    Some have called into question Zack Snyder's approach to storytelling and have marked him as more of a visual director. Maybe Affleck can throw in his two cents every now and then to help strengthen the film.

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    He Looks Like Bruce Wayne (Sort Of)

    This is something that is often overlooked for movies, but Affleck actually resembles Wayne a bit. He's not an exact match, but he's a hell of a lot closer than some previous Batmen. Is that super-important? No, but the true fans appreciate it.

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    He's Friends w/ Kevin Smith

    The fact that Ben has one of the most well-informed and devout Batman fans around (Kevin Smith) as a friend doesn't hurt. Rest assured that whenever he needs to know something about the character, no matter how inane, Smith will have the answer for him. Hell, the guy named his daughter after Joker's girlfriend and handled some of the Batgear in 'Mallrats.' He also hosts a podcast called 'Fatman on Batman.'

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    He Won't Do "The Bale Voice"

    Christian Bale was incredible as Batman, but that voice got old after three movies. It was fine in 'Batman Begins,' but he shifted into full-on throat cancer mode for 'The Dark Knight.' In the third movie he was even using the voice with people who already knew who he was! Plus, he developed a weird lisp (see "Where ish it?" below). We can almost certainly not expect something that over-the-top from Affleck.

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    He's American

    Superman and Spider-man are played by Brits and the last Batman was from across the pond as well. It's nice to have perhaps the most iconic comic book hero portrayed by an American again. We've lost enough jobs to outsourcing. America, f--- yeah!

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