This is heartbreaking.  A two year old boy in Florida, accidentally shot and killed his mother, Julia Bennett, last Wednesday.

The father of the boy allegedly left the gun out in the boys reach and could be facing charges.

According to, Troy Bailey Jr., the kids father did have a license for the Glock 9mm gun.  Bailey told authorities he watched as the boy picked up the pistol and shot his mother, Julia Bennett.

How could he not stop it?  It seems like the gun would be heavy for a two year old.  There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions.

A spokesperson for the the police department, Tania Rues said, quote:

"There is a still a lot of work we need to do to determine if this was an accident or not.  Most people assume you can just test and see if the child had [gun-shot residue] on his hands, but there are mitigating factors," said Rues.

The father of the boy has been cooperative with authorities and there have been no issues of past violence in the home.

This is so tragic.  I cannot understand why the gun was in reach of the child.

For more information on this and read the transcript of the 911 call made by the child's father, click here.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think this is a complete freak accident or do you think there is more to the story?