Woman Hangs Out Moving Vehicle, ‘Cuz Florida [VIDEO]
Whenever you run across a crazy story, you can almost guarantee that it's from Florida. We have no idea as to why this dumb chick is doing this, but she doesn't seem scared in the least. Just cruising along while her friend drives and shows her around town.
Shark Slams Into Paddle Boarder [VIDEO]
Holy shark! Watch as a shark slams into a paddle boarder in Florida. I am not sure why the shark appears to be airborne. I know now that a flying shark can take your ass down if you are on a paddle board! That is exactly that happened Maximo Trinidad. I would have freaked the eff out!
Woman Fights Off Alligator To Save Her Dog [VIDEO]
A Florida woman recently went above and beyond to save her dog. Lori Beiswenger was planting trees when an alligator attacked her dog and started to drag the pooch into a pond. As horrific as it may have been to watch, I would have done nothing. How do you stop an alligator? If you are this chick - …
Florida Man High On ‘Flakka’ Streaks Through Streets [VIDEO]
This is your brain, this is your brain on Flakka. Are you wondering WTF Flakka is? It is a drug with an amphetamine-like ingredient. It increases paranoia and gives the user a feeling of super human strength. Flakka may also cause streaking, at least it did to Matthew Kenney. His parents must be so …

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