Florida Man High On ‘Flakka’ Streaks Through Streets [VIDEO]
This is your brain, this is your brain on Flakka. Are you wondering WTF Flakka is? It is a drug with an amphetamine-like ingredient. It increases paranoia and gives the user a feeling of super human strength. Flakka may also cause streaking, at least it did to Matthew Kenney. His parents must be so …
Woman Gets Third Boob Implanted [VIDEO]
If two is better than one, then three of something has to better right? Wrong! A Florida woman had a third breast implanted to make herself "unattractive to men". I would say that could work, but what about 'breast men'? I am guessing guys that love boobies would love one…
Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack [ViDEO]
I do not like the feeling of fish swimming near me, let alone an alligator! That being said, I still cannot believe that I actually have been in Florida lakes. I did see alligators, but was not in danger of being attacked. I cannot say the same for this little boy.
Grandma Gets 6-Months In Jail For Public Sex [VIDEO]
Who would not want to see a grandmother having sex in public? Me, that is who! Ugh. Can you imagine? Florida resident Peggy Klemm, 68, was busted having sex with a 49-year-old man who incidentally is NOT her husband. The kicker is, her husband is standing by her! This G-ma must have some vagina!

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