As of yesterday (11/10/13), the letters "CB" have been removed from the Flint Weather Ball. We all know that it will soon don the letters "FM," but we thought of some more appropriate ways to make the weather ball even more Flint -- check them out here.

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    "FM" is kind of cool since those unfamiliar with the backstory might believe it stands for "Flint, Michigan." Slapping an 810 on it would be taking that idea one step further.

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    Banana Logos

    We put that s--- on everything.

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    Sorry, We're Closed

    That should keep the haters out.

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    LEGO Al Kessel

    You can't tell me that Al Kessel wasn't the man. Whenever it's going to be cold out, instead of turning blue he could throw a pork roast like he used to in the commercials.

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    Flint Coney

    Why not serve the curve to the whole city? Yeah, that bitch is made with a Koegel Vienna.

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    Flint Weather Bong

    Not only would this more accurately represent the people of Flint, but think of the possibilities! You could have it bubble when it rains and smoke when it's hot.