Last year Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan announced that they had plans to release some new music from APC, but said it would most likely not be a full album. Looks like after their recent tour the band is firing on all cylinders and may have reconsidered just how much they will be recording in the not so distant future.

The brainchild of APC and Ashes Divide, Billy Howerdel said the following about the band's plans for the future:

"We're going to have at least one new song on the tour. It's very close to being done, and from there, things could come together. Once we're on the road and start hashing through our ideas, they could quickly become a song and make it onto the stage...[an album] is in the works, but not for this summer. The idea was to get the juices flowing a bit and get back into A Perfect Circle mode, and go from there. But we do intend to record new material."

Looks like the next Tool album just got pushed back at least another year. A Perfect Circle is currently gearing up for a 25 city tour which includes a stop at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on July 8th. The tour kicks off with their headlining performance at Rock on the Range May 22. Click here for your shot at scoring tix to Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio from the Banana!!!

Check out this kick ass performance of The Noose off of the under-appreciated album Thirteenth Step!