This is the ultimate strategy guide to leaving Loudwire Live 2017 with some cool stuff you didn't have when you walked through the gates..

To quote one of the most beloved slackers of all-time, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Well, the same is true of Loudwire Live 2017. It's a giant machine with a lot of fast moving parts. And while there are a lot of opportunities to score some cool stuff -- if you're not paying attention you'll miss them.

So I've decided to give you the rundown on some of what you could win at the show tomorrow, and exactly how to win it.


Prize: Instant Upgrades to VIP

ChrisGorgio via Thinkstock | Banana 101.5

How to win: There are actually a couple of ways to score these.

  1. Through Banana App, for which you'll need to turn on your "Loudwire Live" push notifications (see bottom of article for detailed walkthrough).
  2. Post your pictures from the festival to your social media with the hashtag #LoudwireLive (make sure the post is public or we can't see it). Also, hashtag which band you're there to see and you might get surprised with something.


Prize: Meet and Greets

Banana 101.5

How to win: We'll also be giving away meet and greets for Halestorm, Skillet, All That Remains, and Starset through the Banana app. We'll also be picking some folks at random, so anything could happen.


Prize: Autographed Guitars

Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media

How to win: Look for Tony LaBrie, Maggie Meadows and the rest of the Banana crew at the broadcast booth, where they'll have your chance to register for autographed guitars from Breaking Benjamin, Volbeat (pictured above), and Ironsnake, as well as one autographed by both Skillet and Halestorm.


Prize: Avenged Sevenfold Tickets


How to win: Again, hit up the Banana crew at the broadcast booth to sign up and win tickets to see Avenged Sevenfold at Soaring Eagle the following Monday. Loudwire Live on Friday and Avenged on Monday sounds like a hell of a power weekend to me.


Well, that's all we're willing to tell you in advance. You'll have other chances to win stuff tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled and we'll see you at Loudwire Live!


1. Download the free Banana 101.5 app for your Android (click here to download) or iOs (click here to download) device. 

2. Upon opening the app the first time, make sure you click "ALLOW" when asked if you would like us to send you notifications (as seen below). Note: you may need to adjust your phone settings as well, as some allow you disable all notifications, which will override individual app settings. 

3. Then, you'll need to click "Alerts" on the home page, and make sure you're getting "Loudwire Live" notifications. See below.

4. Then you should be all set. Just sit back and we'll send you a notification during the show telling you when, and how, to win.