The folks at AMC may have recently canned 'The Walking Dead' showrunner and brilliant director Frank Darabont, but this season they'll be gaining some street cred by adding legendary thrash metal guitarist, Scott Ian of Anthrax, to the droves of undead flesh-eating hordes.

The AMC surprise (to the network, we knew it was gonna be huge) hit 'The Walking Dead' is returning to your televisions this October. This year's narrative takes the band of survivors out of Atlanta and into the country, unfortunately that's not the only change.

Director and longtime advocate for the show, Frank Darabont, was reported to have quit shortly after enthusiastically promoting the show at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Now the word is that he was fired but all involved parties are keeping a tight lip about the situation, especially the cast. After all, it's pretty easy to write off a character on a zombie show.

There is good news though, Anthrax and The Damned Things guitarist Scott Ian will cameo as a zombie this season. The rocker tweeted the above image along with the statement:

"What have I wanted to do since 1978? Be a ZOMBIE!!! Full story on my day on Walking Dead coming later!!!"

For non-fanboys of the genre, 1978 is most likely a reference to the zombie classic 'Dawn of the Dead', which was released that year. Anthrax are currently gearing up for the release of new album 'Worship Music' which hits stores September 13th. The single 'The Devil You Know' is currently streaming here.

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