After a hard fought battle between 13 of 2012's toughest Flint Town Throwdown competitors, Flint's Autumn Coma has emerged victorious. Find out how they won and see all the results here!

After two weeks of voting Autumn Coma edged out the competition. Here is the breakdown of the top 4:

  1. Autumn Coma - 29.67%
  2. BulletProof - 21.73%
  3. The Product - 17.01%
  4. Crackjaw - 8.73%

All the bands in worked hard to bring in their fans' votes, but none promoted their bid for Throwdown Band of 2012 as creatively as Autumn Coma. They had created a pretty funny video promoting their initial appearance in the Throwdown, but definitely trumped that with their hilarious montage video set to their own remix of Europe's 'The Final Countdown.' The band also created a bunch of memes to remind their fans to vote, which you can see in the gallery below.

Autumn Coma will soon begin working with Matt Dalton of 37 Studios and you can now hear their track 'Manipura' on Banana 101.5, as we bumped it into rotation earlier today.  You may have also heard them on Prozak's recent song 'End of Us,' which features Sid Wilson of Slipknot (video below). It sounds like there are big things on the horizon for Autumn Coma, we'll keep you posted...