Even though I may not be well versed in bachelor parties, I am well versed in parties. A bachelor party is really just a good party with mostly dudes (or a brodeo as I like to call it) and the occasional stripper or 6.  I grew up in this city so it was pretty easy to nail down the best spots for said debauchery. Whether you're celebrating your last few moments of freedom or just looking to throw down this weekend, this list is for you. 


Nathan J's and The Men's Club

Okay so this one isn't that original but you can't make a list of the best places for a bachelor party without having at least one gentleman's club...I have two. I have never been a huge strip club guy but you get plenty of experience in that field pretty quickly working for the Banana. Trying to narrow it down to just one wasn't gonna happen, choosing between Nathan J's and The Men's Club is like asking me to choose between my kids. I love them both for different reasons; Nathan J's is huge and has a cool upstairs area, a huge stage, and a high ceiling which makes for some interesting pole-work. TMC is more intimate and has excellent "talent" working there. I have been there many a night after The Machine Shop and have always had a great time.

Cru Paintball

Not every dude wants (or is allowed) to get down and dirty at his bachelor party. For those guys (and their girlfriends...mostly their girlfriends actually) there are lots of ways to hang out and have fun with your buds. One of which is to shoot the crap out of each other with paintball guns. I had a friend who actually did this for his day before the big day and while I wasn't able to go, I heard it was a blast. I have played at Cru Paintball though and it was awesome! That place is definitely where you wanna go.

Downtown Bar Tour

I imagine this is the type of thing I'll have going on when I decide to take the plunge into the abyss of marriage. I love bar hopping, the downtown Flint area, and not having to drive. There's just something about walking around hammered drunk with ten or fifteen of your buddies and going from bar to a bar. You pretty much take anyplace over when you roll that deep and there is nothing like making an entrance.

Party Bus

While there is a lot of fun to be had walking around downtown, there are a ton of good bars all around the Flint area. This is where a party bus comes into play. Obviously you don't want to be driving around on a night like this or stick one of your friends with the dreaded designated driver duties. Mobile Boogie have the most legit party buses that I know of. The bigger ones come with a DJ and a couple of stripper poles, you almost don't have to get off of the bus.

Machine Shop

Ol' Faithful as I like to call her. You can always have a good time at The Machine Shop, even if you're not into the bands that are playing. Just the atmosphere makes it one of my favorite bars of all time and then you also get entertainment from the kick ass bands that play there. For a rock dude like myself the Shop is the perfect place to have a good time with friends. Plus if you get bored there you can always wander over to TMC.