Here's proof we are just like animals -- the internet is full of videos taken at zoos of animals pleasuring themselves. There's proof that 90% of people masturbate and the other 10% just don't tell anyone. I have compiled some of the most famous videos of animals masturbating -- have you ever seen a monkey spank itself, your about to. If you think I am wrong for posting about this, what is wrong with the people who video tape them -- perverts! Enjoy!

  • Grizzly Bear Rubbing One Out

    Even Smokey the Bear gets lonely! There's nothing wrong with this right? I'm sure he finishes, smokes a cigarette and then runs off to steal a picnic basket before crawling back into the cave to "hibernate."

  • Female Gorilla Double Clicks Her Mouse

    Don't ever let a female tell you she dosen't "take care of herself," if she does she's lying. Even one of our close "relatives" needs to "take care of herself." Talk about dipping your fingers into the "honey pot"!

  • Spanking Himself

    In monkey talk would they say to each other, "excuse me, I have to go spank myself,"? I think not, monkeys probably call it "squeezing the squirrel" or "beating the bird." I'm sure we could go on forever with innuendoes!

  • 'I'm Just Looking in My Pouch'

    Even down under the animals have the need to self pleasure. Sure it looks like he's just trying to find his identification in his built in wallet, but that's how he gets away with it.

  • It's Mine and I'll Rub It If I Want

    This video was posted on here before -- it's just that good. Even dogs get tired of chasing "cats" and have to take the action into their own hands. Next time your dog decides to hump your leg, push him off and show him this video, it may help.