As Bush tours in support of the band's first new album in nearly a decade, they found time to drop in on the former workplace of Conan O'Brien to rock out their current single -- 'The Sound of Winter'.

Bush is back...well kind of. While purists may still be skeptic at this lineup's absence of original guitarist Nigel Pulsford and bassist Dave Parsons, the band still managed a strong debut with the new album. 'The Sea of Memories' opened at #18 on the Billboard 200 with 20,000 units sold in the first week of release.

The post-grunge outfit is a couple of weeks into their U.S. tour with Chevelle and Filter which runs through late October. Their eight day stint in California afforded Bush the time to drop by 'The Tonight Show' studio in Burbank and jam out the 'The Sound of Winter'.