Avatar — The Machine Shop 10/30/14 [PICS]
On Devil's Night, Avatar rolled through Flint once again for another killer performance at The Machine Shop. You'll notice a familiar face on stage as Matt DiRito from Pop Evil jumped up to perform with the band.
Monroe Drops Pumpkins On His Neighbors Below
I have to say, I have the best neighbors at Fox Hill Glens Apartments in Grand Blanc. Recently, I carved some pumpkins with my daughter and they were proudly displayed on the patio. We put them on the ledge for all to see.
Murder – The Maggie Meadows Story [PICS]
I have long suspected that Maggie is a serial killer in real life. Well, I now have evidence to support that my friends. Over the weekend I found the tools and trademarks of serial killer in Maggie's possession!
Chris Monroe Robbed A Bank [PHOTOS]
So while on lunch yesterday, I had to run to the bank to deposit some money. I was at the drive up window waiting for the canister to come back with my ID when I received a phone call.
Korn — Banana Birthday Bash 2014 [PICS]
Korn put on an amazing show on Friday night for the Banana Birthday Bash, they sound so good. It was so cool to watch the band perform at a venue that hasn't had entertainment like this in decades. Check out Minty's killer pics from the show.

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