WildCat – Four Legged Robot Runs About 16MPH [VIDEO]
Boston Dynamics has developed a four-legged robot that so far can run about 16MPH on flat terrain but can tackle all types of terrain. I'm sure one day they will look back at this video and laugh at how slow and loud this technology is but for now it's amazing.
LG Electronics Pulls Prank on People During Job Interview [VIDEO]
In a effort to show how awesome and realistic their high-def TV's are, LG Electronics have a new commercial where they set up a bunch of fake job interviews in Chile, and replaced the window of the interviewer's office with an 84-inch television. Then they ran footage of the city's skyline for a few…
RC Car Teaches Kid the Real Meaning of Pain [VIDEO]
I used to try to run my R.C. cars over everything when I was a kid. But I never thought about running it over or driving it into a person. Guess I just figured it wouldn't hurt that bad, so, whats the point? Well, now I wish I would have tried it, because apparently it does cause pain. Lots of …

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