A recent study, public poll and several noteworthy female celebrities are all saying the same thing about this Valentine's Day -- giving your man a PlayStation 4 and a hummer is pretty much the standard in 2014.

Valentine's Day has traditionally been viewed as a holiday where the man in a relationship showers his lady lover with gifts of roses, chocolates, pampering and grand romantic gestures. According to a number of well respected sources on social behavior, "the times they are a-changin'."

A recent study at the University of Phoenix (Genesee Valley Mall Campus), revealed that not only are females kind of over the whole "receiving gifts for Valentine's Day" thing, but also that they enjoyed the holiday up to three times more when making it about taking care of their man instead.

The UP of GVM study seems in line with results from a recent public poll conducted by Everest College, where 93% of women agreed that getting their gentleman lover exactly what he wants is much more satisfying than receiving gifts. That same poll asked men what they desire most as a Valentine's Day gift, the results, which are fairly decisive, can be seen below:



Oddly enough, the answers males gave in the survey were almost identical to statements recently made by beloved and respected musician Adele. The English songstress, who is admittedly a fan of sausage in any form, said that a mere trip to the "fellation station" wasn't enough and that, "The PlayStation 4 really changes things this year. Ladies need to at least get their bloke one of those."

Quite separately, celebrated actress Sandra Bullock said, "Obviously, he's getting the PlayStation 4," of her current beau's Valentine's Day present. Sandy also admitted that while she isn't usually a fan of "doing the deed," that "sometimes you just gotta take one for the team."

So there you have it, ladies. Looks like just about everyone is getting their man what he wants for Valentine's Day this year. You don't want to be the only one left out... do you? There's really no need to put any more thought into it or look into any of these statements any further.

*Note: None of the information in this article is factual and all quotes have been fabricated for entertainment purposes. Honestly, if you made it this far, I commend you. Thanks for being a good sport and I'm sorry if this offended you.


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