Irish potato chip manufacturer, (or potato crisps as they call them) Tayto, has released something even more weird than the 3 new Lay's flavors we told you about back in February. So, what is this off-beat treat?, a chocolate bar, I know what you're thinking, what's so weird about chocolate bar? Well how about the fact that this one has bits of cheese and onion potato chips in the bar. While most of the world would probably think this is gross, its been ridiculously popular in Ireland and in Australia. But then again their all drunks, so who cares. Unfortunately, for those of you who do care, only 100,000 bars were made. So it's highly improbable you're going to find one. Seriously though, only the Irish would say "Hey, I think these three things taste good individually, lets put them all together."  Check out this video from one lad who previewed the rare treat on YouTube.

[Source:Huffington Post]