A Michigan radio personality best known for his work with Christian station WCSG in Grand Rapids was caught with his hands in the cookie jar last week, after federal authorities discovered he had been paying to have sex with underage boys.

According to reports, an investigation conducted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency discovered that 35-year-old morning radio show host, John Balyo was arranging to have sexual encounters with pre-teen boys through a filthy pimp named Ronald Lee Moser.

Moser was arrested earlier last month after a raid of his home led to the discovery of child pornography and a 12-year-old boy. Federal authorities began watching Moser due to a website he was running, which allegedly allowed grown men to pay for sex with young boys. It was here that authorities found evidence that Balyo was a customer.

Incidentally, Balyo was arrested Friday while working at a Christian music festival. And it should come as no surprise that his name is no longer affiliated with the family-friendly WCSG.

Let us reassure you -- there is no reason to concern yourself with the possibility of a member of the Banana staff being implicated in this case of vile pederasty. No sir, we only pay to have sex with full grown men and women. After all, we're not sickos!