With the looming re-release of Slipknot's sophomore album 'Iowa' in honor of it's 10th anniversary, Corey Taylor reflects on how the darkest period of his life bled into their music.

As Slipknot readies the 2CD + DVD deluxe re-issue of their album 'Iowa', the band has done some interviews that will most likely be a part of the included Clown-directed documentary. In the most recent clip from the upcoming release, Corey Taylor discusses the album in such a manor that you almost think he hates it -- using terms like "gross" and "disgusting".

Slipknot has no current plans for a new album, but a possible U.S. tour for next summer has been hinted at by the band members. Corey Taylor is currently working with Stone Sour on what may end up as a two-disc concept album.

The deluxe re-issue of 'Iowa' is set to hit stores on November 1st (11/1/11)