Right after the Super Bowl wraps up, it’s easy to mope. Football is replaced by basketball, golf and never-ending baseball, and it’s just not the same.

The National League Football franchise has 16 weeks a regular season. That’s only 16 days out of the 365 per year that you can watch your favorite team. In comparison, baseball has 162 days per year. Basketball gets 82. Hockey gets a lot, too.

I get it, though. Football is a physically demanding sport. Football brings more full contact than the other sports. Players need to rest. Besides, the fact football games are so rare makes them more special, right?

So, I’m already counting down to my favorite game. From today, we have 213 days to go until the NFL kickoff! Woot!

The NFL kickoff happens Sept. 5, with the Baltimore Ravens at the Denver Broncos.