Crackjaw are back with a new EP called 'Headhunter' and we have your exclusive first look at the Sean Babas directed music video for the title track. Check it out now!

Detroit hard rockers Crackjaw have been on the scene for over a decade and are still kicking asses and blowing minds at every venue fortunate enough to have them on stage. Luckily for us, they'll bring their high-energy stage show to the Birch Run Expo Center August 10th for Dirt Fest 2013 (tickets are on sale now -- click here to get one).

The band just released a new 3-song EP called 'Headhunter,' which was produced by Matt Dalton at 37 Studios.The title track seems like it could carry a lot of different meanings, but started a story about, "someone going after someone," says frontman Ian Thomas. "It's really about vigilante justice," explains Thomas, "and [someone] that doesn't have the moxie to pull it off all on their own, but is too stubborn to admit it."

The hard hitting track serves as the soundtrack to their new music video, which Thomas says was inspired by the visual stylings of films like Rob Zombie's 'The Devil's Rejects' and David Fincher's American adaptation of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' -- a concept bass player Rian Pennanen conceived initially. The clip features a lot of visually pleasing black light effects and glowing paints, which Thomas says took approximately "2.5 showers" to remove. "I still had eyeliner on the next day," Don't let anyone tell you the life of a rock star is not without its challenges, kiddos.

The Jaw currently have a few dates lined up in the days approaching their performance at Dirt Fest 2013, including a June 15th date at The Magic Bag in Ferndale and an opening spot for Otherwise July 27th at The Machine Shop.

Crackjaw's 'Headhunter' EP is now available on iTunes, click here to buy that and other releases from the band on iTunes.

Crackjaw, 'Headhunter' -- Exclusive Music Video Premiere