A Connecticut man is facing charges after he accidentally put a joint in his kids lunchbox.  John Sulzbach, 33, was arrested after day care worker found a joint in his 18 month old son's food container and notified police.  Woops!

The dopey dad made the lunch the night before according to KSEE 24 News.  Too bad this clown didn't get the munchies that same night, maybe he would of opened up the lunch box to eat, and then found the joint.  Officers searched the home and found less than an ounce of  weed and drug paraphernalia.  Sulzbach is scheduled to be back in court on December 22, 2011.

Hollywood is also interested.  There is a film idea in the works based on this story, "Free Weed & a Baby".  If you believe that, you are higher than this pot smoking parent!