David Draiman called in to chat with Tony LaBrie about everything from the reason behind Disturbed's hiatus, to the "accidental" creation of his new band Device and their upcoming show at The Machine Shop in Flint -- get the full interview here.

Draiman's new band, Device, release their self titled debut album on Tuesday, April 9th and have a packed touring schedule which includes a May 8th stop at Flint's World Famous Machine Shop, which Dave says he's "looking forward to," and a performance at Rock on the Range. Dave called Tony LaBrie earlier today to talk about not only the upcoming show and record, but his currently inactive band as well.

Dave started off by clearing the air about the Disturbed situation, chuckling that the band is on hiatus "Til' whenever." Draiman further explained the reason for the surprising break as a much needed rest for the band's creative process. "when you go the the rigmarole of make a record, tour, make a record, tour -- cyclical and assembly line-like -- for 12 years, things get a little predictable," said Draiman before summarizing that their routine had made them feel too much like "part of the machine."

Draiman went on to say that the break was need to basically refuel their creative juices, but is also a chance for the fans to step back and realize that, "it's not a situation anymore where you can see Disturbed coming around touring every other summer and get a Disturbed record every other year. That predictability, I think, was starting to hurt us."

"The Device thing came together really accidentally," Draiman says of his latest project, which started as a collaboration with former Filter guitarist and fellow Chicagoan Geno Lenardo for the 'Underworld: Awakening' soundtrack. The track that was born during that session, 'Hunted,' was not included on the soundtrack due to the timing -- it would've conflicted with the timetable of Disturbed's single 'Hell' from their B-sides album 'The Lost Children' -- so they decided to hold on to it.

"The song just grew on us over the course of the next couple of months," says Draiman. So much so that they decided to follow-up on their creative chemistry and thus, Device was born. The album that was eventually conceived by Device features a number of guest spots (Serj Tankian, Geezer Butler, Tom Morello, Lzzy Hale, M. Shadows), which Draiman says all came about just two days before the disc was set to be finished.

For more details on that, as well as Draiman's new found excitement for touring, listen to interview below.

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