We're pleased to report that Dirt Fest 2012 is well underway, and so far, the weather is great. The weather report says we may even have some sun in store for us later today.

UPDATE 9:51 PM: What a beautiful day. And not a drop of rain. Suck it, rain.

UPDATE 4:31 PM: The sun came out for a second there! Whoo! It's 67 degrees and hasn't rained a drop since the start of the festival.

UPDATE 3:00 PM: 68 degrees now, and the sun looks like it's just about to poke through. Sounds like it's time to bust out the sleeveless t-shirt.

UPDATE 2:05 PM: It's 63 degrees out and the bands are rockin'! Get out here now!

UPDATE 12:38 PM: According to the latest weather report, we shouldn't have any problem staying dry.

Around 4 o'clock this afternoon – the time Smile Empty Soul is scheduled for the Little Darlings Main Stage and Psychostick invades the Deja Vu Side Stage – the sun is supposed to come out and the temperature's set to hit a perfect 70 degrees.

If you're not already headed to Dirt Fest, jump in the car and head over to the Birch Run Expo Center. The party's just getting started.

Keep this post bookmarked for the latest weather updates.