Summer is here, and with it comes killer summer trips. That said, next time you check into a hotel room, you’d better keep that hand sanitizer handy, judging by some new statistics that came out this week.

According to a new study from the University of Houston which tested out the hygiene of various hotel rooms, the dirtiest spots in the hotel aren’t where you might think. Apparently, the night lamp and television remote are the most bacteria-laden areas in most hotel rooms (heh?), aside from the toilet and sink, which are to be expected.

Researchers took samples from a collection of hotel rooms in Texas, Indiana and North Carolina, and also discovered that the room maid’s mop and sponge were extremely contaminated. Hence, nothing was getting clean. In fact, when pit against a clean hospital room, these hotel rooms were discovered to carry anywhere from two to 10 times more bacteria. Not cool! This girl will definitely carry an extra bottle of hand sanitizer on her next trip.

Read more of the study here.