Disturbed are currently on a hiatus that many have been led to believe is a permanent one. The band's axeman Dan Donegan reassured worried fans, saying that there may be hope for the band after all.

Disturbed will be releasing their B-side collection, 'The Lost Children', on November 8th -- which may be the last time fans will be able to buy a new Disturbed album for many years. With rumored problems within the band and a sudden hiatus, the future of the Chicago-based alt-metal group does not look very promising.

Guitarist Dan Donegan spoke to Billboard regarding the nature of the hiatus and when, if ever, we will hear music from the band again:

"We're not stopping to pursue other things -- at least I'm not. We're kind of looking to just go away for a bit, give the fans a little bit of a break, give ourselves a bit of a break. There's not some great game plan or design to all of this. I don't know if it will be six months or six years or whatever. I really don't. It's kind of scary to me to think, 'What if we don't return?' That part of it bothers me."

Despite his fear that the band is finished, Donegan reassured fans that he doesn't believe that Disturbed is going away for good:

"My hopes are if we're away from it long enough we're gonna want it that much more. I like to think that as much as we've done together and how good the chemistry has been in the band, there's going to come a time -- hopefully sooner than later -- that we're gonna turn around and say, 'Man, I f---in' miss this. I want to get back there.' I'll be surprised if that doesn't happen, really."

Donegan said he plans to spend his down time going to concerts, jamming with other bands (but not forming a new one), and anything else that will bring him some outside inspiration for the next Disturbed project.