It is like a second penis. Too bad doctors did not attach it to his head, he would of really looked like a d*** head!

According to Orange News, Wang Yongjun cut the end of his middle finger off with an electric saw.  Doctors in China attached the severed finger to the man's stomach in order to save it. 

Reports indicate the finger was cut right down to the bone.  Dr Huang Xuesong said, quote:

"We had to make a quick decision or he could have lost his finger. We decided to cultivate a new fingertip on his stomach".

That being said, I wonder why John Bobbitt's penis was not attached to his stomach when his crazy wife cut it off.  Wasn't his just thrown on ice?  Apparently by attaching it to the stomach new skin and muscle will grow on it.

This guy might as well make the best of it.  Here are a few things he can do with a stomach finger::

  1. Clean out belly button easier
  2. Clean out other people's belly buttons while talking to them
  3. Drink mixer
  4. Create a new "shocker"
  5. Open beer cans
  6. Hitchhike

The possibilities are endless!