Oktoberfest is meant to be a drunken good time. A man at Philadelphia's recent Oktoberfest had the "drunken" part down, but traded the "good time" for spitting on people, bitch-slapping a police officer and getting his ass handed to him.

The drunk man, who is not identified in the video, appears to be super pissed when Officer William Gress (as he's identified in the video description) steps in to intervene. The bearded drunkard has a heated exchange of words with the officer before issuing him a mighty slap to the face. You can imagine what happens next, although you won't need to because it's shown in the video below.

The details accompanying the video say that Officer Gress has previously been the subject of 13 federal lawsuits, 11 of which he lost. Those lawsuits reportedly cost Philly taxpayers about $295,000. Checkered history or not, I think the officer was well within his rights here. Upon a second viewing I realized he might have overdone it a bit, but you just don't slap a cop. Turns out it's not always so sunny in Philadelphia.