Emma Stone has just joined the celebrity sex tape club. Somewhere in the world, Jim Carrey just shed tears of joy.

According to reports, 'Gangster Squad' star Emma Stone has a sex tape and it's real! The 24-year old actress, who is currently dating the her titular co-star in 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' Andrew Garfield, apparently took a page out of the Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian playbook and made a sex tape with a former partner in her pre-fame days.

Though sources have confirmed that the tape does, in fact, exist, it is not currently for sale and remains in the as-yet unnamed partner's possession... for now, anyway.

The reports do not provide many details as to what year when the video was shot, it stands to reason that watching it may be a crime. The actress started her career with a role on TV's 'The New Partridge Family' in 2005 and later had a memorable (and now somewhat ironic) turn in 2007's high school sex comedy 'Superbad.' The fact that the film is from before her rise to Hollywood's A-list would indicate that she was underage when said sex tape was filmed.

Since we don't have the tape to share with you, here's a video that will make you wish we did (provided that she was of age in the question. We're not creepers).